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Steve Madden Saviorr are super hot boots which has very bold and stunning looks. These boots have been made from carefully chosen durable and long lasting materials to make these boots perfect from all aspects. They have magnificent built quality which allows you to use these boots for long time. You can use them with any outfit and they will make you look like a super model. These boots have the upper made from the fine quality leather which is easily cleanable and it offers your comfortable wearing. The upper has ruched vamp which offers bold silhouette to these boots. The upper also has dual strap with buckle styling to enhance he boldness and make these boots completely unique and outstanding. There is a full length zipper closure at the side of the shaft which enables you to easily take off and on these boots quickly. The lining is made from the soft fabric which has the ability to draw away the moisture from the feet to maintain odorless, fresh and dry wearing. The lining also keeps your feet in comfortable environment and it prevents any abrasion cause by extended wearing without shocks. The outsole is made from the rubber which has special textured details on it to ensure grip on multiple dry and wet surfaces. This outsole delivers durability and long term reliability and it also ensures smooth and comfortable walking by offering flexibility. The heel is these boots is inches high which gives just a little bit of lift for easy walking. The shaft is 17 inches high with 15 inches of circumference. It weighs 1 pound and 3 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Brown and Black.




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Aliciaa from Norfolk, VA

When I received the boots I surprised to noticed lots of streak marks and dark specks. It came with a card that explained genuine leather has natural markings, but it literally looked like manufacturing errors in certain places. Not what I was expecting, but I still love the boots none the less.

Crystal from Vancouver

I wear it for everyday use. Especially in winter to keep myself warm rather than wearing flats but I've only got the shoes for less than a month the heel at the back is already worn off. Half of the heels are gone for both feet its like made of wood or something? But they really look nice with jeans. wish its longer though because it goes goes up to 2/3 of my calf and I'm not exactly a tall person. It has soft leather and collapse easily. Its comfortable but cheap quality at the sole. The leather part is still pretty decent looking so far.

Zenobia from White Plains, NY

This is a good buy. True to size. Fits well. The slouch does not droop down and the boot holds its position throughout. The top flap can be folded over to give a slightly different look. Caution in using leather protector creams. The boots may get discolored. Very stylish and great part is you can wear it all day and not be tired because the heel is very comfortable.

Elizabeth from Boston, MA

I had been searching for boots like these for FOREVER! and finally found them and decided to splurge; as I am usually a huge bargain hunter! I am SO glad I did! I wear these boots all the time, and I've had them for months now. they go with anything and there is still room for jeans to be tucked into. they will also be perfect for summer with cute dresses or shorts. they are by far the most comfortable stylish boots I have ever owned and I get compliments on them all the time! also all the people who say they stain easily clearly don't live in new England! yes, salt leaves a ring around whatever it touches, but that is easily fixed with some vinegar, water, and a toothbrush. as for other stains, I would HIGHLY recommend waterproofing them. its a simple spray you can buy at any shoe store and takes about 5 minutes to spray and 30 to dry. my boots are perfectly waterproof now! I love them so much and would even consider buying another pair in the dark color!


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