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Following statement Applies to this website only, and it can't be associated with any of our network sites. By browsing our site you agree to out privacy terms.

We are not a merchant and does not deal in merchandize, all products listed on our websites are for reference purpose only and there are also links provided to 3rd party retailers. Therefore we do not ask for your financial information, and never will. As also will not ask for your personal information.

In case you send us a review through our email, then in that case only your name or nick name whichever you specify will be shared on out website along with your review. Rest assured that we will never publish your email address publically.

Our website do not use cookies and will never use cookies, but our advertisers that display ads our site may use them, but in that case we don't have access to any or whole information collected by them. We believe it is for the purpose of displaying relevant ads on your computer. If you have specific concern about this, then shoot us an email and we will direct you to the right contact for more information.


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