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Give yourself totally unique and stunning looks with the Steve Madden Hazele. These tall boots have been made from lots of rich materials which make them long lasting. They have excellent built quality which ensures that you can use these boots for long time. The appearance of these boots is designed to catching the attention of everyone around and bring tones of compliments. These boots have the comfortable interior which always gives you stress free ride. The upper of these gorgeous boots have been made from the man-made material and leather combination. This combination makes the upper durable, comfortable and effortless to maintain. The upper has stud details on it which makes these boots rugged and classy. The pull of silhouette makes these boots easy for you to wear and easy to take off. The interior has completely been lined with the man-made material which has been designed to absorb the moisture from your feet to keep them fresh, healthy and odorless. The lining also keeps your feet comfortable and abrasion free if you wear these boots without socks. The footbed is lightweight and it has been cushioned completely to keep the area under your feet super comfortable. The footbed is covered with the man-made material to enhance the comfort and keep the feet free from moisture. The outsole is made from the strong man-made material which gives you grip on multiple surfaces for sturdy and secure walking. The outsole offers durability and long lasting wearing. These boots have 1 inches high heel with inches high platform. The heel gives you good lift without introducing any discomfort. The shaft is 20 inches high with 15 inches of circumference. It weighs 1 pound and 4 ounces as per size 7.5. You can find this style in these colors: Black Multi.




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Sarah from Toronto, Ontario

I live in Toronto and purchased these boots for daily use. They cost [$] with taxes. I wear these boots all the time. I do a lot of walking, and after only about a month, the rubber on the heel had worn off completely and I had to take my boots to a shoe repair shop to have them fixed. They told me the rubber was really poor quality. I like these boots because they're comfortable, warm and have a classic style. However, I'm not really impressed with the quality: the material stains easily and the color comes off when using protective lotions. The rubber peeling is also a big issue for me. Overall, nice boots and I wear them a lot (now that I've had them fixed), but lacking quality, especially for the price.

Boot wearing teacher from Clifton, NJ

I bought these boots last season and have loved every minute i have spent in them (which has been a lot because i have worn them non stop!). They are trendy yet comfortable and have a perfect wedge that is great for day and night. I am an elementary teacher and on my feet all day, and these shoes are a perfect match for me to wear at school but then at night as well. My only issue has been the stains i now have on them from getting wet in the snow last night, which is why I'm convinced i need to buy a new pair! I know when i do i won't regret it!

Niobe from NY, NY

I dont like buying shoes online cause you never know if your going to get the right fit so I saw these boot and like them so much I decided to get them crossing my fingers that they would fit I was so happy when they did I'm glad to say that I have found my new Online shoe store and I will be back thank you again

JessieB from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

First off I would like to comment on the service I received from the Steve Madden website. It was awesome! I love the fact that they have online help (I had Allison she was great) And also I had written an email and someone got back to me very quickly, and kept following up on my question. I really appreciated it! Anyways I love the boots! It was so hard to find a plain black flat leather boot, with no buckles or any funky stuff on it, but I found it! I also like how after you submit your order online someone calls to confirm that it is actually you making the order! [...] Fits great, is comfortable, and I would recommend them to anyone!


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