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Steve Madden Colaterl are superior boots which will take your looks to the whole new level. These boots have eye-catching looks and they will gather lots of compliments no matter where you go. They have been made from the superior quality materials which are carefully chosen to deliver you excellent product. The high built quality of these boots ensure that you can enjoy these boots for long time. These boots have the upper made from the rich quality leather which can be cleaned easily to bring back the out of the box looks. The upper allows you to get comfortable and perfect fit and it also makes these boots very attractive. The upper has the overlay details on the top to give these boots killer looks. The pull on silhouette ensures that you can wear them quickly and effortlessly. The interior has been lined with the fabric which is ultra-soft and it prevents abrasion to allow you to wear them without socks. The lining also draws away the moisture from the feet to keep them healthy and fresh. The footbed has also been wrapped with the fabric which provides softness and it also helps to maintain moisture free wearing. The footbed has been cushioned from heel to toe to give you stunning comfort. The outsole is made from the man-made material which is highly durable and strong. This outsole gives you grip for smooth and secure walking and it also allows you long term wearing. The heel of these boots is 1 inches high. The shaft is 17 inches high with 15 inches of circumference. It weighs 15 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Brown and Black.




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Makenna from British Columbia, Canada

I have wanted these boots for months and finally got them yesterday! I love the fit and they are comfortable but I have one HUGGEE issue with them, I live In British Columbia, Canada and we get ALOT of rain, and if these boots get water on them, it stains!! I hate that because if your going to spend that much money on them, and you can ruin them by just walking outside!

xtracyyyy from Springfield, VA

These are my first pair of boots and I love them! I thought I would have to break them in to prevent getting blisters and to make them more comfortable, but I didn't. The first time I wore them, I walked around in them for hours, but they felt so comfortable. I've only worn them casually, but I'm sure I can wear them to a nicer occasion. The only downside is that they stain, kind of. I put on a water repellant before wearing them (waited a few days before taking them outside). When I wore them on a rainy day, the water kind of stained the boots a darker brown. BUT! It wasn't permanent. It went back to the normal cognac/light brown color after it dried.

Jimmer from San Francisco, CA

I have the same pair in black and love them. I debated getting these because they are exactly the same other than color but it's hard to find cute flat boots in this caramel color. Oddly this pair seems like it's mismarked in size. It's like a full size bigger. I wore both colors back to back and it's a blaring difference. Unfortunately I couldn't tell until I was already wearing them for the day so I can't return them. Pretty bummed. Plus a drop of a drink got on the boot and won't come out even after cleaning right away.


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