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Steve Madden Candence Black Leather


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Bootlovin' girl from cache valley, UT

I LOVE these boots! love them. they're super comfortable. the only cons are that A) I've got super longs legs so they only come mid calf, which isn't slimming and B) they're SLICK. I live in Utah where it gets really icy in the winter and you've got to watch your step. I would have liked a little more traction. but overall, they're really good boots and i would recommend them

Temi from Boston, Massachusetts

the above says basically all about these boots. they are comfortable, fit true too size, and look great with everything! however, they might wear out after a year or so if you wear it nearly all the time, but since this boot is always here you can just order another one! :)

Mgodsey from San Francisco

I have them in black and they are my second pair. I live in San Francisco where you can wear boots everyday of the year, and these are always my go to. They look good casual, dressed up a bit, and even fit well over some of my jeans. They won't last forever...the first pair I had wore out. But for the price and wearing them nearly every day, I expected the wear and tear and wasn't upset.

Kar from Boston, ma

I really like this boot after receiving it. But when I bought it online, it was not what I thought I would get. It is a lot more slouchy then it appears in the pictures and in the description and is a lot wider in the leg - especially at the top then the description describes. However, it is a great boot and I really have enjoyed it even though I toyed with the idea of sending it back.

Ariel from Calgary, AB

I loved these boots so much that I bought them in both the black and cognac color. Unfortunately just this weekend my black pair got stolen and my cognac pair got spilt on so that they are now unwearable :( Let me put it this way, I love these boots so much that I almost cried (there's no way I could afford to buy a new pair right now especially since there is no free shipping to Canada). BUY THESE BOOTS you will not regret the decision.

Danielle the Shoe Fanatic from Gainesville, Fl

I attend university where it gets a little chilly from time to time through out the year. These boots fit my needs perfectly and I love wearing them, whether it's to class or when I go out with the girls. I love them. The were a bit narrow around the top of my foot, but as I wore them a few times the leather stretched out and they were fine.

Britt B from San Antonio, TX

The only negatives I have about it is the tops of the boots start sagging after a couple months. They definitely are not as tall as they use to be. Also after a couple months they start to stain alot easier. I have a couple stains in mine now that I can't get out.


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